Glen Powell's critically acclaimed new movie heads to Netflix

glen powell, hit man
Glen Powell's new movie Hit Man heads to NetflixBrian Roedel

Hit Man, the new film starring Glen Powell and Adria Arjona, will be heading to Netflix after the streaming service acquired the rights to the noir-comedy.

The new film from acclaimed director Richard Linklater sees Powell play college professor Gary Johnson, who moonlights as an undercover policeman entrapping those who wish to hire an assassin.

After meeting the mysterious Maddy (Arjona), things get complicated as she asks him to bump off her suffocating and abusive husband, with Gary soon becoming smitten at the worst possible time.

glen powell, hit man
Brian Roedel

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As per Deadline, Netflix has acquired the distribution rights for the film following its showing at the 48th Toronto International Film Festival, with the $20 million price being the biggest deal of the festival and 2023 as a whole so far.

Hit Man has received acclaim since its premiere at the 80th Venice International Film Festival earlier this month, with the film boasting an impressive 98% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes thus far.

Linklater, who is best known for School of Rock and Boyhood, recently described the film as a “deconstruction” of the hitman genre, with the style being termed as “ludicrous”.

adria arjona, glen powell, hit man
Brian Roedel

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“The movie is just a deconstruction of the hitman myth seen from an undercover perspective. There are gangs and there are drug cartels, there are definitely killings, but the retail hitman … that’s what’s kind of ludicrous,” he told Deadline.

“The whole thing is kind of an examination of self, the idea of, ‘Are we who we think we are, is the self mutable, are we fixed, what does it even mean?’ Notions of identity are pretty unstable these days and that makes it an interesting subject to take on.”

Hit Man currently has no release date.

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