What a feeling! Watch the 'GLOW' cast get its 'Flashdance' on in Season 2 trailer

Ethan Alter
Senior Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

If you, like us, were a maniac for the freshman season of Netflix’s ’80s wrestling comedy GLOW, you’ll be dancing in your spandex to hear that Season 2 has an official release date: June 29. The streaming service made that announcement during a glam-tastic music video scored to the Oscar-nominated centerpiece song from the 1980s favorite Flashdance. Co-written and performed by Michael Sembello, “Maniac” instantly became an ’80s anthem after millions of moviegoers watched Jennifer Beals (or, more accurately, one of her dance doubles) put her body through a manic workout in her Pittsburgh warehouse. Since then, the tune has been used to memorable effect in movies like Tommy Boy and such TV shows as Glee.

“Maniac” is the perfect training song for the gorgeous ladies of GLOW as well. Led by stars Alison Brie and Betty Gilpin — who are former friends out of the ring and current nemeses in the ring — the ensemble cast gets suited up for rassling with the aid of Sembello’s peppy vocals. That means shedding their real-world identities and embracing the crazy fashions and hairstyles of their GLOW alter egos. So instead of dowdy Ruth Wilder, Brie becomes the faux-Soviet superhero Zoya the Destroya. Meanwhile, Gilpin transforms herself from ex-soap star Debbie Eagan into the stalwart defender of American values Liberty Belle.

Leave it to Marc Maron to spoil the fun, though. In mid-dance number, the podcasting superstar — who portrays grumpy GLOW creator Sam Sylvia — wanders into the frame and stops the music … temporarily, anyway. As soon as he leaves, the girls pump up the volume on “Maniac” again. If you’ve been sleeping on GLOW so far, take a cue from their passion and make it happen for you this summer.

The second season of GLOW premieres June 29 on Netflix.

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