Godzilla Hotel To Open In Tokyo

Ben Bussey
UK Movies Writer

Ever wondered how you’d feel if you looked out of the window of a big city hotel room to see Godzilla outside? Well, soon visitors to Tokyo will be able to experience just that, for real… more or less.

This April will see the opening of Hotel Gracery in the Shinjuku district of Japan’s capital city, and the hotel will have some most unique selling points based around the monster movie franchise which has become of Japan’s biggest (in more ways than one) pop culture exports.

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The hotel is situated above Shinjuku’s Toho Cinema - Toho Studios being the birthplace of the King of the Monsters - and a giant Godzilla head statue is being erected on the cinema’s roof.

Two of the hotel’s most prestigious suites, the Godzilla view rooms, will be situated adjacent to the statue, meaning the mighty monster will be right outside their window. Tourists will also be able to get up close and personal to the big green guy on an observation deck. 

Then for the real fanatics, there will also be a Godzilla room, which - as the concept art below illustrates - will be decked out in memorabilia, with Godzilla’s claw reaching out directly over the beds.

These Godzilla-themed rooms cost between 15,000 and 49,800 yen (roughly £80 - £270) per night, and are but three of the rooms available in the thirty storey complex. Does that remind anyone else of the theme tune to the ‘Godzilla’ Hanna-Barbera cartoon? “Up from the depths, 30 storeys high…” ahem.

Thanks to Kotaku for bringing this to our attention, and adding something major to our ‘things to see and do in Tokyo’ wishlist - and if you can read Japanese, you can learn more at the Hotel Gracery website.

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Picture Credit: Hotel Gracery, Cinema Cafe, Mainichi