Godzilla trailer and poster revealed

Monster reboot will be 'realistic'

Godzilla... reboot is on the way (Copyright: Legendary)A new reboot of 'Godzilla' has been unveiled at Comic-Con.

Director Gareth Edwards is behind the film, which is being produced by Legendary Pictures, the company behind Christopher Nolan's 'Batman' films.

A poster and a short trailer for the film were shown to excited fans at the San Diego film and comic conference over the weekend.

“There's nothing sci-fi, it's very grounded and realistic,” Edwards said about the giant, city-smashing lizard creature.

“I've never worked this long and this hard on something that lasted just a few seconds since, since I lost my virginity.”

Though the film hasn't even started shooting yet, the trailer gave a brief snapshot of what might be in store.

Featuring a devastated urban landscape complete with smoking ruins, there is a brief glimpse of the creature, accompanied by it's piercing roar.

It will be Edwards' first major studio feature, following the 2010's hotly-tipped 'Monsters'.

The unveiling of the trailer came as 'Hellboy' director Guillermo Del Toro released the first footage of 'Pacific Rim', the other major monster movie in the pipeline.

Del Toro's film has human controlled giant robots called 'jaegers' battling monsters from the deep called the Kaiju.