Godzilla x Kong's Rebecca Hall explains why sequel was "even more fun"

Godzilla x Kong star Rebecca Hall has explained why returning to the sequel was "even more fun".

The actress appeared as scientist Dr Ilene Andrews in the 2021 film, and is now back in the next instalment, The New Empire.

Speaking exclusively to Digital Spy, Hall opened up about the joy of returning to the popular franchise.

rebecca hall as dr ilene andrews, kaylee hottle as jia, godzilla x kong the new empire
Warner Bros.

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"There was just a sense of ease honestly coming back," she said. "It’s a huge endorsement for an actor to get asked back to play again in something like this. The part was fun the first time, but even more fun this time because she’s got more authority which is nice for a lady character, among other things, in one of these movies. It’s great."

The New Empire sees Hall reunite with Brian Tyree Henry, with Dan Stevens joining the cast as Trapper – and Hall was relished the opportunity to work with both actors.

She said: "I didn’t get to work with Brian on the first one, but I do on this one and that, to me, was a complete thrill because I love him, I love this work. Dan’s a really old friend and I was happy to work with him again too. I’ve known him for like 20 years and so it felt like a family. It felt silly and fun and I think that translate into what you see."

rebecca hall as dr ilene andrews, brian tyree henry as bernie, godzilla x kong the new empire
Warner Bros.

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Henry also revealed what it was like to reprise his own role as podcaster Bernie, admitting that he "was not expecting how much [he’d] be screaming" in the new film.

He said: "I didn’t realise that Bernie was really going through it on this one. I wasn’t going through it alone, I really liked the silliness that I got to bring out with Bernie. I liked that you get to see that Bernie has aspirations for things, you also see a little bit of Bernie’s life.

"You saw that he was alone, things didn’t pan out the way he thought they were going to. Because of Dr Andrews believing in him and him being like, ‘I should do a documentary’, realising that Hollow Earth was nothing of what he thought it was, but also getting to be a part of a team, I think that was something that was very important to him."

Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire is released in cinemas on March 29.

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