The 'Golden Bachelor' Ladies Will Crash 'Bachelor' Joey's Fantasy Suite Dates

bachelor fantasy suites spoilers
'Bachelor' Spoilers: Joey's Fantasy Suite DatesGilbert Carrasquillo - Getty Images

Joey Graziadei’s season of The Bachelor has been one for the ages, with voodoo dolls, laughs, tears, and even an arrival by pickup truck to the Bachelor Mansion.

But now, as the season 28 star steps into the final few weeks of the show, he’s locking in on his soon-to-be-wife. And what better way to do that than with some off-camera quality time in the Fantasy Suites?

What is a fantasy suite date on The Bachelor?

In Bachelor Nation, the fantasy suite date is a BFD. It’s when the lead of the franchise, so in the case—our boy and favorite tennis pro, Joey—gets to indulge in some private time with the last remaining contestants.

And this isn’t the sort of “one-on-one time” fans come accustomed to week after week, which includes elaborate sky-diving or shopping dates with cameras in tow. This is literally the first time these couples can spend the night together alone—without microphones or cameras.

This is, naturally, a time for the couples to explore their physical intimacy if they should so choose. Though, as a general rule, what happens in the fantasy suites usually stays in the Fantasy Suites. But let's not forget 2022’s Rose Ceremony from Hell, when Clayton detailed who he did and did not get cozy with behind closed doors.

Who goes to the fantasy suites with Joey?

After an emotional week of Hometown dates, three women will continue to the fantasy suites:

FWIW, Joey seems to have given this portion of the competition a lot of thought.

“I think from being in the role, now the big thing is I can't fault anyone,” he shared with E! News. He said he tried his best to “be aware that I was going to hopefully be watching this back with my forever person.” Aw!

Golden Bachelorette fan faves will make an appearance.

Before fantasy suites kick off, the final three will be getting advice from Bach Nation fan favorites: The Golden Bachelor alums Leslie Fhima, Sandra Mason and Susan Noles offer guidance as women who have been in their positions before.

“Can you look at a future with him?” Susan asks Rachel in a clip. Rachel says in confessional that she found Susan to be “such a welcoming presence.”

Who gets eliminated after fantasy suites?

Rachel doesn't receive a rose after the overnight dates, leaving Joey to continue his journey with Kelsey and Daisy.

Who does Joey end up with?

While Reality Steve initially had Daisy Kent as Joey’s top pick, he’s since revealed that spoiler was wrong. Instead, Kelsey is Joey’s final choice. Joey and Kelsey will leave Tulum engaged, per Reality Steve.

"Joey is engaged to Kelsey A. and has been since filming ended,” Reality Steve says. "He had never picked Daisy and he’s been with Kelsey the whole time.”

And Bachelorette star Jason Tatrick seemed to give the ending away during a recent podcast. Jason was teasing upcoming guests for his podcast, Trading Secrets, when he shared that he will be interviewing Joey and Kelsey Anderson in the future. That’s a pretty strong signal that Kelsey won—and people jumped all over it.

Jason has since pulled all mentions of Joey and Kelsey from his podcast, but Reddit nabbed the original mention and it’s telling. Jason doesn't say he'll be interviewing Joey and later says he'll chat with Kelsey. He says "Joey and Kelsey from The Bachelor."

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