Goldie Hawn: I cry three times a day because of the pandemic

Sherna Noah, PA Senior Entertainment Correspondent

Goldie Hawn has said she cries several times a day because of the pandemic.

The 74-year-old actress feels “lucky” about her own situation, having a spacious Hollywood home.

“The people that I’m worried and concerned about are the people who are incarcerated or feel that they are in their apartments – it’s not a house, there’s no garden they can go out to,” she told Good Morning Britain.

“I cry probably three times a day because it hurts me to think there is abuse going on and anger going on.

“And it all has to do with confinement, fear, uncertainty … it’s catastrophising.”

She said families being together means this is “an extraordinary time” which “we will not get again”.

The Oscar-winning star is asking people to film themselves or their families laughing and post it on social media to help deal with anxiety.

“Laughter is very, very good for your body and fantastic for your brain,” she said. “I believe that we are born with a seed of joy.”

And she said of her long, successful relationship with Kurt Russell: “One has to really forgive because we’re never going to do the right thing all the time.”