The Good Housekeeping Wine Awards 2023: The Winners

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After months of sniffing, swirling and spitting, we’re delighted to announce the launch of the Good Housekeeping Wine Awards 2023. Having firmly established ourselves as rigorous judges of the best food and drink, we’re now turning our attention to the world of wine, so you can shop with confidence without making any costly mistakes.

With these awards, we want to help you discover great wines from supermarkets and online retailers, across a range of price points, styles and regions.

The Good Housekeeping Institute Taste Approved logo is a guarantee of quality, so next time you’re in the wine aisle, or shopping online, you’ll know exactly what to expect from a bottle. After all, there’s only so much you can tell from the label.

For our inaugural wine awards, our experts at the GHI put nine key wine-growing countries to the test. They considered a range of styles, looking for wines that were a good representation of their grape variety. Each was assessed on its complexity, flavour and finish.

They sipped their way through over 70 bottles, including red, white and rosé varieties. From long-standing big brand names to independent producers, we tested them all. Here are our winners.

Best Portuguese wine

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Hearst Owned

Pérola do Lima Vinho Verde £9.95

Score: 96/100

Scoring higher than any other wine on test, this Portuguese white wine offers excellent value. Crisp and zesty, with a light spritz, there are hints of elderflower, alongside fresh citrus and green apple.

Read on for our full list of GHI-approved Portuguese wine.

Best Italian wine

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Hearst Owned

'PassioneSentimento' Passimento Bianco £12.99

Score: 95/100

Our winning Italian bottle is a truly unique white. For starters, it’s made using the “appassimento” method, where grapes are dried for a more concentrated flavour. Normally reserved for rich reds such as amarone, here it results in an intense, bold tropical wine, with fresh citrus and a touch of creamy oak. Pair with roast chicken, for a match made in heaven.

Read on for our full list of GHI-approved Italian wine.

Best French wine

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Hearst Owned

Chateau Cru Godard £18.75

Score: 91/100

This well-structured red is a top choice when you have a little more to spend. The Bordeaux-blend is dominated by merlot, bringing with it cherry, blackberry, spice and complex notes of the forest floor. Overall, it’s a smooth, well-rounded style for every occasion, and a treat with slow-cooked beef.

Read on for our full list of GHI-approved French wine.

Best South African wine

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Hearst Owned

Spier Albariño £11.99

Score: 90/100

Albariño is more often associated with Portugal; however, this zesty white from South Africa’s Stellenbosch region impressed the panel with tart gooseberry, apricot and long-lasting salinity. Its zesty, mineral quality means that it’s ideal with seafood.

Read on for our full list of GHI-approved South African wine.

Best Greek wine

best wine to buy
Hearst Owned

Dougos Winery Meth’Imon Acacia £20

Score: 89/100

A blend of Greece’s indigenous assyrtiko grape and sauvignon blanc, this organic white wine is deliciously refreshing, with racing acidity. You’ll enjoy a nuttier profile to classic sauvignon blanc, alongside mouth-watering minerality and tropical fruit.

Read on for our full list of GHI-approved Greek wine.

Best Spanish wine

best spanish wine to buy
Hearst Owned

Baron de Ley Club Privado Reserva Rioja £13.99

Score: 89/100

It will come as no surprise that a rioja topped our Spanish wine category, and this reserva was a firm favourite with the panel. Expect an enticing combination of bold black fruit, mushroom and smoky cloves, which comes from the three-year ageing period.

Read on for our full list of GHI-approved Spanish wine.

Best Argentinian wine

best argentinian wine to buy
Hearst Owned

Luigi Bosca Malbec £22.99

Score: 89/100

Established in 1901, Bodega Luigi Bosca is one of Argentina’s oldest family-owned wineries. This medium-bodied malbec reflects the vineyard’s desert terroir in every drop, with a smooth palate dominated by sweet red fruit, mellow spice and balanced tannins.

Read on for our full list of GHI-approved Argentinian wine.

Best English wine

best english wine to buy
Hearst Owned

Gusbourne Guinevere Chardonnay £35

Score: 87/100

English wine often still comes at a premium, but our testers felt this decadent barrel-fermented cool climate chardonnay from Gusbourne is worth the splurge. The beautiful buttery nose hints at the complexity, while the palate dishes up candied citrus peel, ripe apricot and smoky minerality. Team with fish in lemon butter at your next dinner party, and wait for the compliments to roll in.

Read on for our full list of GHI-approved English wine.

Best German wine

best german wine
Hearst Owned

Gunderloch Riesling Dry QbA £17

Score: 83/100

Ranging from bone dry to super sweet, riesling is an often-misunderstood grape, but our winner falls firmly into the first category. From one of the best wineries in the region, it’s not cheap, but its fresh, crisp nature justifies the price tag. Notes of indulgent petroleum hint at its age and complexity, pairing perfectly with spicy Thai food.

Read on for our full list of GHI-approved German wine.

Best wine subscriptions

best wine delivery services
Hearst Owned

Joint best wine delivery service

Slurp Entertaining at Home £56.75

Score: 87/100

Our joint winning box contains six bottles of dinner party-ready red, white and rosé wines, including a free bottle of prosecco (worth £10.95!). You can look forward to a big, bold complex rioja, silky smooth malbec, a vibrant New Zealand sauvignon blanc, zesty vinho verde and a perfectly pale pink rosé from Provence. In short, it covers all bases, in one handy delivery.

If there are any bottles that prove particularly popular, they can all be purchased separately, although we’d be tempted to buy this one-off box on a regular basis.

Joint best wine delivery service and best budget

Abel & Cole Cheese & Red Wine Club £12.25

Score: 87/100

At the other end of the spectrum is Abel & Cole’s organic one-bottle wonder, which delivers the same juicy Sicilian red each week. It comes with a rotating guest cheese to accompany it, and can be bought as a one-off gift, or on repeat for a regular weekend treat to look forward to.

Joint best wine delivery service

The Whisky Exchange Organic Wine Case £78.95

Score: 87/100

Like Abel & Cole (above), this box is completely organic for those who prefer to keep their wine rack free of unnecessary pesticides.

Covering reds and whites from across Europe, the Bourdeaux went down best with our panel, scoring 91/100 for its leathery maturity (try pairing with beef). Elsewhere, the fruity riesling was deemed perfect with seafood, with a slight spritz and lashings of minerality.

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