Good Morning Britain viewers mock Russell Crowe's weird 'divorce auction'

Ben Arnold

Russell Crowe is having a garage sale, and this morning Good Morning Britain was there to cover it, confounding viewers in their droves.

The Gladiator star is selling off swathes of accumulated memorabilia from his decades in the movies, in what he’s calling a ‘divorce auction’.

Though you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s to pay for the continuing expense of the dissolution of his marriage to Danielle Spencer, who he married in 2003 and split with over five years ago, he describes it as a way to make the ‘pervasive’ experience of his divorce ‘more positive’ (whatever that means).

Never one to shy away from, well, anything, Rusty appeared on the morning show to chat to Kate Garraway about what is up for grabs in the auction, dubbed by Crowe ‘The Art of Divorce’, and devised after ‘a couple of vodkas’.

There’s his armour from Gladiator, a violin – one would hope it’s the one he played in Master and Commander – and a dinosaur skull he bought from Leonardo DiCaprio for $35,000 when he was drunk. (“We were on the sauce one night and next thing you know a cheque was signed and I had a dinosaur skull,” he told Kyle and Jackie O on Australian radio).

Also up for auction are guitars, life-size horse models, chariots, jewellery and a jock strap.

He told GMB: “I’ve never been someone who deconstructs things, I’ve always been someone who builds things, so it was quite a big lesson in life to become someone in life who can deconstruct things.

(Credit: Universal)

“I thought to myself, while I’m in the middle of doing that, how else can I do that? How else can I apply that. This is what I came up with.

“This is almost like doing a full production. It’s taken me 12 months, choosing the articles and how they balance with each other.

“It’s been joyful. I’m kind of excited to see what happens.”

Many found the segment a bit interminable, however.

It seems not everyone is quite as invested in Russell’s divorce as he is.

Best of luck, Russ!

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