‘Good Morning Football’ To Relocate To LA: Jamie Erdahl Gets Emotional Saying Goodbye To NFL Network Show From NY Ahead Of Maternity Leave

Things got emotional on Good Morning Football as Jamie Erdahl bid farewell to the show ahead of her maternity leave.

The sports host got teary-eyed as she paid homage to her co-hosts, who might not be there when she returns to the show. NFL Network recently announced that GMFB, which is based in NY, was relocating to LA this summer.

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“I’ve been so proud of playing this GMFB game here in New York City, the last 20 months,” she added. “The work, the creativity, the friendships, it’s been an honor, I’m proud of the person that I am when I sit in that red chair, and out of it. As a host as a wife, as a mom, and a daughter.”

She continued, “I’m also really happy to say that I get to keep sitting in my chair, being the best point guard I can be when Good Morning Football returns in Los Angeles.”

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Erdahl also talked about the changes at GMFB and hoped that “the people making these decisions — our executives at the NFL, our coaches — to not make these changes lightly and to do so with the best intention of keeping what people love about GMFB intact.”

“The fact that it’s for people who love this game, and this league sitting around that big beautiful table, and the dedicated team beyond the table giving you everything we have got at night, and every morning. So I will see you from LA. But now I’m gonna go have a baby.”

The television host also had some kind words for her GMFB co-hosts, who have not confirmed whether they are relocating to LA with the show.

“When I was invited to be a part of a show of this magnitude nearly two years ago, for 15 hours a week covering the depths of a professional league with as much power as the NFL wields to sit next to a man like Jason McCourty, whose reputation in personality character and class precedes him, to sit across from Peter Schrager, whose depth and knowledge of the league and its history is only matched by the wit and wisdom in which he delivers his nuanced takes, or to sit beside Kyle Brandt, the man whose tenacious creative drive and work ethic is a force to be reckoned with, and one that I feel incredibly honored to watch unfold, from beginning to end, every day,” she said.

McCourty gave Erdahl a big hug and said he was unsure “what the future holds” and didn’t know what was next for him, adding, “I’m so happy for you. Congratulations on the baby, the family. So many great things ahead. I’m excited.”

Schrager called Erdahl’s words “beautiful,” while Brandt said she is “the best” for partying it up in “New Jersey house parties with the entire cast and crew in the pool and a boatload of tequila.”

“Thank you. I love everybody. I’ll see you from LA, or at least I will,” Erdahl ended.

Good Morning Football will air for one more week, with its last episode airing on March 29 on NFL Network. It will then take an extended hiatus ahead of its relocation to LA sometime this summer.

Watch Erdahl’s goodbye in the video below.

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