Good Omens makes change for possible final season

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Good Omens makes change for possible final seasonAmazon Prime

Good Omens season two spoilers follow.

Good Omens' third and (possibly) final season will make a big change, with showrunner Douglas Mackinnon not returning.

Speculation that Mackinnon, who has thus far served as both the showrunner of the series and every episode's director, wouldn't return began after he posted to Instagram a photo featuring the Good Omens set.

Mackinnon's post was in response to a SAG-AFTRA strike-related challenge to raise awareness of the everyday life of TV and film professionals. But it wound up sparking frenzied discussion in the comments over whether he was leaving the show.

Setting the record straight, Mackinnon replied to one question with: "I'm fine, but have moved on from Good Omens. I have no information regarding the status of S3."

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Although the Neil Gaiman-created fantasy series starring David Tennant and Michael Sheen hasn't officially been picked up for a third season, a renewal is "looking good", according to Deadline.

Gaiman, who co-wrote (alongside Terry Pratchett) the 1990 novel on which the series is based, has previously confirmed that plans for a third season were in motion.

Taking to X (formerly Twitter), Gaiman wrote in July that the third season is "planned and plotted and if there wasn't a Writers Strike on I'd be writing it right now".

With the Writers Guild of America strike now finished, there has been no further announcement to confirm or deny whether Gaiman has kept to his promise.

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The show follows Tennant and Sheen as Crowley and Aziraphale, respectively. Both the former, a fast-living demon, and the latter, an aristocratic angel, have lived on Earth since the beginning of time.

The unlikely duo are tasked with preventing Armaggedon and are supported by a large cast led by Jon Hamm as the archangel Gabriel. Their second outing saw them recovering from the first season when an unexpected guest presented an intriguing mystery.

Good Omens' second season also ended on a gripping cliffhanger for viewers, with its two leading characters finally confessing their love for each other.

Good Omens is available on Prime Video.

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