'Goodbye Christopher Robin' New Trailer: How Winnie the Pooh Emerged From WWI Trauma

Nothing says awards season like an inspired-by-true-events tale about overcoming traumatic grief via magical childhood fantasy. The first trailer for Simon Curtis’s Goodbye Christopher Robin, the story of author A.A. Milne’s creation of Winnie the Pooh, made it seem like it might ably follow in the footsteps of Finding Neverland, which turned James Barrie’s creation of Peter Pan into seven Oscar nominations in 2004. Its latest trailer (watch it above) does little to alter that impression, even as it suggests the darker currents coursing throughout its drama.

For his follow-up to 2015’s Woman in Gold (with Helen Mirren and Ryan Reynolds), Curtis will turn his attention to Milne (Domhnall Gleeson), who in the years following his World War I tours of duty, finds great success as a playwright of comedies, even as he yearns for a more fulfilling project. To that end, he relocates his wife, Daphne (Margot Robbie), son, Christopher Robin (Will Tilston), and Christopher’s nanny, Olive (Kelly Macdonald), to the countryside, where he creates the wondrous world of Pooh and his forest friends. Born out of his own experiences on the battlefield, that series soon brings him tremendous success, although as the above trailer makes clear, such fame also comes with a price, both for himself and for his boy.

The film will reach U.K. theaters first on Sept. 29, but American audiences won’t have to wait too much longer for Curtis’s latest, with its stateside debut set for Nov. 10. Stock up on Kleenex now.

Simon Curtis’s Woman in Gold: Watch a trailer:

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