Google Glass moviegoer detained by US Homeland Security over piracy fears

The man, who was detained for over an hour, was accused of recording a cinema screening of Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit.

A man was questioned by police after he was suspected of recording a cinema screening with his Google Glass device.

Writing anonymously on the Gadgeteer, the Glass user said that he had the device turned off during the screening, but still wore them for its prescription lenses.

He was wearing them during a screening of Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit in AMC, and halfway through the movie, he was hauled out by police and officers from homeland security who accused him of recording the movie.

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He was then brought to a room where he was interrogated for over an hour. After asking him questions about who he worked for, they then connected the device to their computer and checked all the files on it.

[the officer] connected my Glass to the computer, downloaded all my personal photos and started going though them one by one (although they are dated and it was obvious there was nothing on my Glass that was from the time period they accused me of recording). Then they went through my phone, and five minutes later they concluded I had done nothing wrong.

The man didn’t receive an apology, but was offered four free movie passes instead, which he said “infuriated” him.

A spokesperson for the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Khaalid Walls confirmed the incident saying the man voluntarily answered questions from officers with ICE Homeland Security Investigations.

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AMC said it contacted authorities after identifying someone wearing a recording device, and said it takes movie theft seriously.

(Additional reporting by Associated Press)

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