Googlebox outrage as Ellie Warner makes 'unacceptable' MeToo comment in latest episode

Jacob Stolworthy
Ellie Warner and her sister Izzi on 'Gogglebox': Channel 4
Ellie Warner and her sister Izzi on 'Gogglebox': Channel 4

Channel 4 have been criticised for including a controversial remark about #MeToo in its latest episode of Googlebox.

The movement was inspired by multiple allegations of sexual harassment and rape against disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein, and viewers watched on as Ellie Warner made light of the subject.

Warner was watching footage of the 2019 World Chase Tag Championships with her sister Izzi, when she said she had played a tag-style game that her and her friends had called #MeToo.

She explained to Izzi that the aim of the game was to chase each other and try to grab their “boob or bum”.

Viewers immediately expressed their shock on social media, with some questioning why producers decided to air the “horrific” comment.

“It is NOT something you should joke about.,” one Twitter user wrote, with another adding: “To make a game of ‘tag’ into what she described... I’m in shock.”

Earlier this year, Warner was forced to apologise after she appeared to push her dog off a chair after she spilt food on herself.

“I love my dog and would never hurt him,” she wrote on Twitter.

Channel 4 has been contacted for comment.

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