Gordon Ramsay's Next level Chef axed after one series

Watch: Gordon Ramsay's Next level Chef cancelled

Gordon Ramsay's 'Next Level Chef' has been cancelled after just one series.

The ITV cooking competition - which saw 12 aspiring chefs battling to impress the 56-year-old star along with judges Paul Ainsworth and Nyesha Arrington with the winner getting a £100,000 prize and year of mentoring - hasn't been renewed for a second run.

An insider told The Sun newspaper's TVBiz column: "Gordon is highly competitive and he's gutted the series wasn't given a second run.

"These types of shows always take a while to get going and for viewers to connect, so he thinks it wasn't really given a proper chance.

"But he accepts TV is a brutal world and sometimes shows just don't work out."

The first and only series aired earlier this month with social media chef Jade Greenhalgh winning the competition.

An ITV spokesman said: "There are no current plans for a second series but viewers can watch series one on ITVX."

Thankfully for Gordon, he has 'Future Food Stars' returning to BBC One for a second series starting later this year.

Gordon Ramsay is said to be 'gutted' credit:Bang Showbiz
Gordon Ramsay is said to be 'gutted' credit:Bang Showbiz

As with the first series, the show will see 12 contestants looking for investment in culinary businesses as they take on a range of food challenges.

Meanwhile, Gordon will be returning for another 'Road Trip' on ITV with Fred Sirieix, while bosses are hoping Gino D'Acampo will change his mind and return to the show despite some contract issues.

An insider recently told the Mail Online: "Bosses hope to convince Gino to stay on with Gordon and Fred, because they genuinely have fun together and make great telly."

Gino had revealed he "decided not to film any more" road trips, but insisted it was "nothing to do with Gordon or Fred", noting their "friendship is very strong".

He said in an Instagram video: "It's just because we can't get the dates together and sometimes when we do get the dates together sometimes they get changed and it causes a lot of problems for me because I have other stuff that I have to do.

"Personal problems as well because when I have to change things with my family it is very complicated and also because [of] contracts."