Got Dumped Before Valentine's Day? P.F. Chang’s Will Happily Give You Free Dumplings

Who needs a partner when you have free dumplings?



If the aisles filled with sentimental cards in red envelopes and the chocolate candies in heart-shaped boxes weren’t enough to tip you off, Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. Whether you’re happily coupled or mostly surviving as a single, P.F. Chang’s has you covered for the most Hallmark of holidays because you can either take your significant other out for a four-course prix-fixe P.F. Chang’s meal for two … or you can get a free order of dumplings to enjoy (or to chew between crying jags) on your own.

Anyone who has a breakup story or text to share can send it to the number 855-697-6181 along with the code “CHANGSDUMPLINGS” to receive an offer that can be redeemed for a free six-piece order of pork or shrimp dumplings. A minimum purchase of $1 is required to collect your dumplings, but that dollar can be used for anything other than alcoholic beverages or gift card purchases.

"At P.F. Chang's, we believe in embracing every chapter of our guests' lives, even the ones marked by heartbreak,” Elisa Cordova, P.F. Chang’s director of brand marketing, said in a statement. “Our DUMPlings program is more than just a promotion; it’s a testament to our commitment to surprising and delighting our guests who aren’t feeling the love this season. We wanted to launch a fun, light-hearted program that reminds those finding themselves single, during a month that shines a spotlight on couples, that breakups may suck, but at least our dumplings don’t.”

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In the fine print, P.F. Chang’s asks you not to include any identifiable information about your ex, including “full names, phone numbers, photographs [or] addresses.” Your last partner might’ve been a total rat, but the restaurant’s automated mailbox can’t do anything about it. The free dumplings offer is also valid for any dine-in or online purchase through the P.F. Chang’s website or mobile app — but you can’t get your complimentary app on Valentine’s Day itself, which hurts almost as much as the time we caught our ex sliding into somebody else’s DMs.

To redeem the offer online, you just need to add an order of pork or shrimp dumplings to your cart and then use the code DUMPLINGS at checkout. If you’d rather treat yourself to dinner at your local P.F. Chang’s, then text the code CHANGSDUMPLINGS to that 855 number above, and you’ll get a digital offer you can show to your server. The free dumplings offer is good through the end of February, and although you can only redeem it once per P.F. Chang’s order, there does not seem to be a limit on the number of times you can cash in between now and February 29.

If you are going to be on your own on Valentine’s Day, you’re not alone. According to a survey of 1,352 adults conducted on behalf of dating app Bumble, 19% of respondents had experienced a breakup close to Valentine’s Day. Seven percent of those surveyed had actually broken up with their partner ON THAT DAY, while another 6% did it just before February 14, and another 6% ended things right afterward. (If you’re in that 6%, I hope your heart-shaped candy tasted TERRIBLE.)

We were going to say that at least P.F. Chang’s is there for us, until we read through the comments on its Instagram post about its “DUMPlings” promo. “I sent a text n theres no reply,” one person wrote. “Am I getting ghosted by changs?” Come on, P.F. Chang’s…not you too?!? 

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