Gotham: first look at Donal Logue as Bullock

Ben Bussey
20 March 2014
Donal Logue: Gotham Works Without Batman

The first image has been released of Donal Logue as Detective Harvey Bullock, Jim Gordon's shady partner/mentor in DC's upcoming 'Batman' TV spin-off series 'Gotham.'

Logue was the first casting confirmed for the series, and is the first live-action actor to portray the character of Bullock, a long-running mainstay of the comics and the 'Batman' animated TV shows and movies.

Variety premiered the image earlier today.

[Gotham set pics reveal Jim Gordon and the Penguin]

Known for his roles on TV's 'Deadwood' and 'Sons of Anarchy,' as well as the Marvel comic book movies 'Blade' and 'Ghost Rider,' Logue appears to cut a slightly heavier figure than usual here - which is appropriate given Bullock has traditionally been overweight.

Indeed, though the character of Bullock has never officially appeared in a Batman movie, William Hootkins' role of Lieutenant Eckhardt in Tim Burton's 'Batman' is very close to Bullock in many respects, not least physical appearance and crooked nature.

Logue has himself remarked that he doesn't really resemble Bullock as drawn in the comics and cartoons, but is undeterred by this: "I don't want to take someone's choice from the cartoon and match it. I want to create a character."

By all accounts, this character will be the guy who shows the inexperienced Detective Jim Gordon (Ben Mackenzie) the ropes in old town Gotham, and Logue has also promised the two men will clash over ideological differences: "there's a huge moral quandary."

The pilot for 'Gotham' is currently in production, with Danny Cannon directing.

And while Batman himself will not appear in the series (given that it takes place whilst Bruce Wayne is young and newly orphaned), you might notice a rather familiar looking light shining over Logue's shoulder in the photo above...

Excited about 'Gotham?' Think Logue's a good choice for Bullock? Tell all in the comments section below.

Ben Bussey is a freelance writer and comic book movie/sci-fi fantasy/horror enthusiast, who wishes DC had at least half as much in the works for the big screen as they do for the small...

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