Graham Norton Reveals One Of His Chat Show Guest’s Demands, Which Was So Outrageous It Took His ‘Breath Away’

Matt Bagwell

Graham Norton attracts the biggest names in showbiz to his BBC One chat show, so it’s no surprise that he’s witnessed his fair share of A-list demands.

However, one guest took things to a whole new level when they appeared on The Graham Norton Show, which Graham admits took his ”breath away”.

The presenter stopped short of actually revealing who the mother of all divas was (boooo), but still shared their WTF requirements during an interview to promote his latest novel, A Keeper, on The Colbert Show in the US.

“You get used to it but there’s one that kind of took our breath away and I cannot say who this was,” Graham said.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and guest Graham Norton.

At this point, host Stephen Colbert asked if it was Madonna, but Graham insisted it wasn’t.

Graham continued: “This person - who shall remain nameless - I’ll call her ‘she,’  she wanted nine dressing rooms and we go ‘fine, here are your nine dressing rooms.’”

Graham then explained that things went from grade A ridiculous to utterly bonkers… 

“That afternoon, I’m sitting in the production office and one of her minions comes into us and says ‘it’s a 911 situation. We need another dressing room’,” Graham explained.

“So, our line producer sorts that out but while she’s on the phone to get another dressing room and on hold, she says ‘out of interest, why does she (the guest) need another dressing room?’

“Oh, she wants to charge her cellphone,” Graham revealed.

Just... wow.

During his book tour of the States, Graham also revealed we could soon be seeing less of him on our screens.


Graham Norton Reveals One Of His Chat Show Guest’s Demands, Which Was So Outrageous It Took His ‘Breath Away’

The 56-year-old, who has fronted The Graham Norton Show for the last 12 years, hinted that he quite fancies going into semi-retirement so he can work on other projects

He told SiriusXM: “Having observed friends of mine who’ve stopped working, it doesn’t seem like a great thing to do. What I might try to do is cut back on my workload.

“We are on air right now 35 to 36 weeks a year. So if I cut that down, maybe lob ten weeks off it, then I think that would be ideal. Then I would be able to stare at a wall, write a book, walk the dogs.”

Graham, who also hosts a Saturday afternoon show on Radio 2, added: “What’s odd is, when you stop working you become a teenage girl.

“You start obsessing about minutiae. I don’t want to turn into that person.”

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