Grandmas Ejected From Absolutely Fabulous Screening For Laughing Too Loudly

Apparently laughter isn’t always the best medicine. Because a grandma and a great-grandma were ejected from a screening of ‘Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie’ because they were laughing too loudly.

Cindy Amass and Jacqueline Cox told the Mirror that while watching the film at Vue Islington they were approached by the manager and asked to “laugh on the inside.” After failing to subdue and internalise their laughter they were then asked to leave.

Amass and Cox recalled that the manager had waited “around the corner near the fire exit to listen to us and said we were making too much noise.” Once he’d decided that enough was enough, he then asked Amass and Cox, as well as two men sat in front of them that had also been found guilty of excess noise, to leave. They were then given full refunds, which they then used to have a drink together.

This story is all the more devastating because Amass and Cox informed the tabloid that their pals actually refer to them as the “real-life Patsy and Eddie.” To be fair, this scenario is actually the sort of thing that would probably happen to Joanna Lumley and Jennifer Saunders’ characters, too. Just with more booze.

Amass revealed that she was “devastated” at being asked to leave as it was her first day out in 12 months. She added, “I had a heart attack and Jacqui’s daughter bought us the tickets, as I’m like her aunt and she wanted to do a nice thing for me. We weren’t laughing that loudly, but it is a funny film, it’s not like we were watching anything serious.”

A spokesperson for Vue insisted that they’d never kick customers out for laughing too loudly, but confirmed that their employees had taken the right course of action because they’d “had a number of complaints about some customers talking too loudly.”

While it’s not known if Amass and Cox have tried to watch the film again without being ostracised because of the volume of their laughter, what I do know is that this story should immediately become the cornerstone of ‘Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie’s’ marketing campaign.

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