Grange Hill reboot movie gets an exciting update

grange hill cast with young todd carty
Grange Hill reboot movie gets an exciting update BBC

There have been further developments on the movie reboot of iconic children's series Grange Hill.

Former cast member Sara Sugarman, who played Jessica Samuels, the rebellious head of the Grange Hill student action group, is set to direct.

Original creator Sir Phil Redmond (also known for Brookside and Hollyoaks) is returning to write the script, and, while plot details are being kept under wraps, Redmond told Deadline the story would partly focus on the character of Jessica.

"Sara reached out, and that lit a light bulb in my head," Sir Phil said.

"I thought, 'Why don't I look beyond the main characters, which is obvious, and we'll have them all there for nostalgia, but where did Jessica go?'"

grange hill cast with young todd carty

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The film will likely feature appearances from several classic characters. "It wouldn’t be Grange Hill without the Grange Hillers, and there will be some surprises," Sugarman revealed.

Some of the show's famous alumni include former EastEnders actors Todd Carty, who played Peter “Tucker” Jenkins, Susan Tully, who starred as Suzanne Ross, and Lee MacDonald, who played Zammo.

Sugarman said she couldn't confirm whether or not she would be reprising her role, adding: "I’ve been very strongly given my orders: I have to audition like everyone else. So that’s where we are with that."

grange hill dvd cover with a large young todd carty in front of the cast against a harsh green background

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Originally running from 1978 to 2008, Grange Hill was set at a secondary school in north London.

The show is often considered groundbreaking for its depiction of issue-based storylines such as racism, drug addiction, teenage pregnancy, HIV, homelessness, student/teacher relationships, among other serious topics.

Redmond confirmed to Deadline that he intended to cover similar topics in the reboot. He said he would also tackle new issues facing young people today such as social media dogpiling.

Classic Grange Hill episodes are available to stream now on Britbox.

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