Greece election: Voters face new election in June as New Democracy seeks majority

Greece faces new national elections as early as 25 June, despite Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis' conservative party securing a 20-point margin - the largest in decades - over its opponents in Sunday's general election.

With over 99% of the votes counted, New Democracy had 40.79% of the ballots and 146 seats, five short of a majority.

Syriza won 20.07% of the vote and 71 seats, while Pasok came in third at 11.46%. Turnout was reported at 61%.

But a new electoral system of proportional representation meant Mitsotakis' vote share still was not enough to secure a majority of the 300 seats in Parliament. He has since confirmed he would not try to form a coalition government.

"I believe that there is essentially no condition for the formation of a government by this Parliament," Mitsotakis said after the general election. "And I certainly want to point out that, if the electoral system that will apply in the next elections was in effect yesterday, the New Democracy would already have a strong parliamentary majority that would exceed 170 seats."

To see how election night unfolded in Athens, and across Greece, see our live blog below: