The Packers tried to draft Michigan OL Jon Runyan. He accidentally declined their phone call

The Green Bay Packers tried to select former Michigan offensive lineman Jon Runyan Jr. with their sixth round pick in the NFL draft on Saturday.

There was just one problem: Runyan declined their phone call.

While texting with his agent, Runyan pushed the red decline button on his phone when the call came through before realizing what he had done — sparking a massive panic.

“I declined a call from Green Bay, Wisconsin,” Runyan said, via ESPN. “I tried to call back and my call didn't go through, and I had no idea what I just did.”

Jon Runyan accidentally declined the Packers' phone call on Saturday afternoon while they were trying to draft him. (Alika Jenner/Getty Images)

Thankfully, the team called him back just moments later and it all worked out. Runyan, a former all-Big Ten first team selection, is headed to Green Bay.

Runyan’s father, Jon, spent 14 years in the NFL himself, most notably with the Philadelphia Eagles and Tennessee Titans. He retired from the league in 2009, and spent five years in the House of Representatives for New Jersey’s 3rd District. He now works in the NFL front office.

“He's always been really hands-off with everything,” Runyan said of his dad, via ESPN. “He's always been there as a resource for me, kind of an invaluable resource. Something that not a lot of people get, obviously. Like he just told me a couple minutes ago, ‘The work is just starting.’ Everything I've done throughout my career has been reset. Now, fortunately I have this opportunity to go out to Green Bay and prove myself at the next level, and I couldn't be more excited about that.”

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