The Gremlins reboot is happening, says Chris Columbus

The Mogwais are coming (Credit: Warner Bros)
The Mogwais are coming (Credit: Warner Bros)

What were those rules again? Bathe regularly and plenty of midnight feasts?

Seems that perhaps we need a refresher on Gremlins, and according to director Chris Columbus, we’re going to get one.

The long-discussed reboot of the 80s comedy-horror, penned by Columbus and originally directed by Joe Dante, is on.

Gremlins, we are actively talking about that,” he told the US Metro.

“So that’s what I am working on with my production company 1492 Pictures. It will almost definitely be a reboot.”

The director then mused on the ‘timeless’ nature of many of the movies he’s been involved in, from Home Alone to Mrs Doubtfire.

“That was the goal on the films that have worked and have stood the test of time,” he added.

“There was definitely an intention to make them timeless. Even when we were making Home Alone I was saying to the crew, ‘I hope when people are watching this on TV in 30 years that this still feels fresh.’

The Goonies (Credit: Warner Bros)
The Goonies (Credit: Warner Bros)

“You are a product of the time you shoot the movie, so there are a few things that give away what year it was. But there is a timeless quality, which starts with the story, which you know has an emotional connection to the audience that you know will continue through generations.”

As for the also long-discussed Goonies 2, the outlook looks rather less promising.

“There has been talk of it,” he said.

“That’s a difficult one. Only because all of the actors have gotten older and chosen different careers. So that’s a little more difficult.”

That said, it’s only really Jeff Cohen, the former child actor who played Chunk, who has quit acting, with the others still mostly involved in the entertainment business (from Josh Brolin to Sean Astin and Corey Feldman).

They have indeed ‘gotten older’, however.

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