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Groom waits until wedding day to reveal hidden tooth inside bride’s engagement ring: ‘Here’s my confession’

A groom revealed at the altar that his bride’s engagement ring contains more than just a dazzling diamond but also pieces of her very own DNA — and now, his dental confession is going viral.

Doctor and TikToker Justin Tyler Fox gained over 9.1 million views, 2.3 million likes and 20,000 comments when he uploaded the wedding day confession to his account.

However, while many wedding day videos go viral for rather upsetting reasons — like the bride who served her guests $48 bottles of antibloat pills at the reception, or the groom whose “disgusting” wedding vows set off red flags all across TikTok — Justin’s wedding day footage is making a positive impact on TikTok by touching people’s hearts (and raising the bar for vows from here on out).

Fox begins his viral vows by asking his bride, Raven, “Do you remember the day I knew for a fact I was going to marry you?” He then recalls the story for all their family and friends — and now, for all the TikTok viewers at home.

According to Justin, he decided to marry Raven after a very special hiking trip — and after her fateful fall attempting to follow him across a river.

When she took the nasty fall, he knew this was someone who would follow him to any place on earth, someone who would be by his side on every adventure and challenge.

Thus, to capture this very special moment, Justin secretly took a part of that day — and a part of Raven — and had it tucked away inside her ring.

Later, after proposing to Raven and putting the ring on her finger, she asked him, “What is this spot right there? Is there supposed to be a diamond in there?”

Justin recalled explaining to her, “I told you, ‘No, that’s the way it’s supposed to be,’ and one day, I would tell you what the significance of that little rock was. Well, today is that day. Here’s my confession. That little stone in your ring is made out of dentine and enamel. When I picked it up that day, I went straight to the jeweler and I said, ‘Can you put this in my engagement ring?’”

Justin and Raven’s wedding guests were immediately moved by the story — as were millions of TikTokers, who begged for a video of his full wedding vows (a wish Justin later granted).

Over 20,000 TikTokers were deeply moved by Justin and Raven’s story, and their love.

“If his vows ain’t like this I don’t want him 🥹🤣,” laughed @ncsquared.

“This ladies and gentleman are wedding vows! This is love, a true testament of love, faith, God and laughter.♥️i wish y’all an eternity!” commented @ingridsshenanigans.

“these are the things that should be viral. pure genuine sentimental love. this is beautiful 💕,” wrote @lissmorales__.

While not every bride might appreciate having a tooth hidden inside their engagement ring, Justin’s unique custom ring captures their special love story — and will, hopefully, inspire partners everywhere to step up their vow and proposal game!

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