Gunman Fires Multiple Shots at Woman Driver Near Detroit

Police said they were “utilizing every resource” to capture a suspect who fired multiple gunshots at another driver in a parking lot in Sterling Heights, Michigan, on November 28.

Footage from a home-security camera at Park Place condominiums shows a woman leaving a property, entering a vehicle, and reversing out of a parking spot. Another woman stands on the porch of the property, watching as she departs.

As the woman reverses, the driver of a pickup truck parked nearby pulls out. The two vehicles nearly collide, and both drivers apply their brakes.

Within seconds, the driver of the pickup truck opens their door, jumps out, and fires multiple gunshots toward the woman’s vehicle as she drives off. The witness watching from the porch begins screaming. The shooter gets back in the pickup truck and reverses in the same direction that the woman had driven.

The female motorist then drives her vehicle onto the lawn of the property she had left and runs back inside with the witness.

The Sterling Heights Police Department asked anyone with information on the pickup truck or the shooter to contact them. Credit: Sterling Heights Police Department via Storyful