Gwendoline Christie admits to unlikely childhood crush

Gwendoline Christie, Luke Evans, Peter Crouch and David Walliams with host Jack Whitehall on the Graham Norton Show this Friday

We’ve all admitted to taking a shine to someone unexpected at one time or another. But still, when Jack Whitehall asked the question “do any of you wish to admit to having a weird crush?” last night on the Graham Norton Show, he could never have anticipated Gwendoline Christie’s answer.

The Game of Thrones actress gave one of her trademark mischievous grins before revealing the most unlikely of names – Basil Brush.

“It’s true,” she nodded. Before giving her reasons. “Huge tale. Strong teeth. That’s what I look for.”

She was joined on the couch by Luke Evans, Peter Crouch and David Walliams, all of whom had kept shtum.

Jack Whitehall asked the question after he had pulled out a weird crush Top Trumps game, in which David Walliams featured, with a sex appeal of 5. Walliams laughed off the fact that he scored the same as Ainsley Harriott and one less than Britain’s Got Talent judge Simon Cowell.

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Christie was on the show to talk about her post-Game of Thrones role playing Titania/Hippolyta in the Bridge Theatre’s new production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream in London.

When asked about the play, she said, “Well interestingly the projects that I tend to be involved with come with a heavy cloak of secrecy, so you would assume this being Shakespeare I would be able to tell you everything about the production. But do not be disappointed, yet again, I cannot tell you anything the production.”

The reason for the secrecy? “There are some surprises involved.” But she did go on to reveal that the production is “immersive”.

Whitehall also congratulated the actress for surviving to the final episode of Game of Thrones, which airs this Monday in the UK. But whether she makes it to the final credits we do not know.

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The Fresh Meat star was hosting the chat show, as Graham Norton is away in Tel Aviv for the Eurovision Song Contest.