Gwyneth Paltrow Opened Up About Her "Initial Difficult" Relationship With Her Stepkids

"Its one of my biggest learnings as a human being."



Gwyneth Paltrow may have a good relationship with her stepchildren today, but the path to getting there wasn't without its bumps. 

On Wednesday, the actress opened up about her "initial difficult" relationship with her husband Brad Falchuk's two kids, Brody and Isabella, during a conversation with Nicole Avant at the Visionary Women's 2024 International Women's Day Summit at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Los Angeles. Asking the audience if there were any stepmothers in the audience, Gwyneth was greeted with an applause from the crowd, to which she candidly responded: “Yeah, it's a bitch, right, guys?" 

She continued, "No, I actually, I really like to talk about this because it's one of my biggest learnings as a human being. And my area of growth personally came from the initial difficult relationship I had with my stepkids and now they're like my kids.”



Paltrow — who already shares two children, Apple and Moses, with her ex-husband Chris Martin – became a stepmom after marrying Falchuk in 2018. And while she loves being a bonus parent, the Oscar-winner admitted, "the path to here was really rough."

“It's almost like you have to embody the spirit of the sun and just give and not expect anything back,” she said. “I just learned to try to just keep shining like the sun and never keeping score.”

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Gwyneth's candid comments come just days after Dakota Johnson opened up about co-parenting with her and Martin. Referring to Chris, Gwyneth, Apple, and Moses as her “new family" in a recent interview with Bustle, Johnson explained, "I grew up in a family that was so big, and I just believe in the saying ‘Blood is thicker than water.’ … The connections with people you choose are more solid than the connections to the people you’re actually born to.”

As for Apple and Moses specifically, she added, "I love those kids like my life depends on it. With all my heart."

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