Gwyneth Paltrow Says Iron Man Had 'Literally No Script'

Ben Arnold

It would appear that Gwyneth Paltrow had an opportunity to hone her improv skills while making the first ‘Iron Man’ movie.

The Pepper Potts actress has revealed that the film barely even had a script, thanks mostly to her co-star, Robert Downey Jr.

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In an expansive interview with US radio star Howard Stern, she said: “On ‘Iron Man’ one, there was literally no script.

“We would come in, and we would rehearse, and you get sides, the lines for the scene, and [Downey Jr] would be like, ‘This is garbage,’ and rip it and throw it away.”


Robert Downey Jr, then, beloved of scriptwriters everywhere.

However, Paltrow did come to his defence. Sort of.

“The writers know, when they work with Robert, it’s part of his process.

“Even if Robert wrote the scene the night before he’s like, ‘This is sh*t’… it’s fun. It’s really fun.”

It sure sounds fun…

Paltrow also revealed that she was up for the role of Roller Girl in Paul Thomas Anderson’s porn industry flick ‘Boogie Nights’.


But it was her close relationship to her grandfather which ultimately turned her away from the x-rated part.

She explains: “I really wanted to do it. My grandfather - I was very, very close to him and he was pretty conservative.

“I just thought, I can’t be totally naked and giving a BJ on screen. I’ll kill my grandfather.

“And by the way Heather Graham was perfect, so it works out perfectly.”

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Image credits: AP/Disney/Rex Features