Hairstylist to the stars narrates her own burglary on social media

Celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin witnessed a burglary in her own home on Friday, Oct. 27, via security cameras and posted her commentary about it on social media. (Photo: Instagram)

Hairstylist to the Kardashians (among other celebs) Jen Atkin got a nasty surprise when she looked at her phone this week: Two masked perpetrators were helping themselves to her jewelry and other personal possessions.

Lucky for Atkin, she has a video monitoring system that sends a live feed to her phone and she caught the thieves red-handed. Atkin posted several videos and photos of the footage as an Instagram story, sharing eight videos in total and narrating each one. “So, whoever is in my closet right now stealing my jewelry,” she says in the first video clip, “we have you on camera and the police are on the way.”

“You guys this is so crazy to watch. Mike just gave me permission to show this. What if this is just a Nest ad and I was getting paid?” she jokes, despite the possibly unnerving situation. “Just kidding. So basically they use my own Henri Bendel bag and start going through the jewelry.”

“This is so creepy, and apparently they have robbed a couple of houses on our very street today, it’s the same guys, everybody’s putting all the clues together so guess what, buddies?”

“This is so crazy that people do this with cameras, it’s so not smart.”

Photo: Instagram

“He’s also going through the drawer that I keep all my Kylie lip kits and my KKW beauty. What’s happening here?”

Photo: Instagram

“You guys, here’s the crazy part, he goes straight for my Yeezys. Like, none of my name brand shoes were taken.”

Photo: Instagram

“He literally just … He’s checking the size of my Yeezys.”

It would appear the thieves got away, however, as in another post Atkin eulogizes her lost belongings: “Just thinking of it as a good deed and hopefully the material things we loved will help whoever needed to steal it.” She also adds “oh and get NEST…it’s worth every penny.”

Atkin also posted about the burglary on Twitter:

According to another post the police are investigating: “Update: Police are on it and I can’t say too much. But get cameras in your house guys they’re so helpful,” writes Atkin.

We can’t tell how much what was stolen is worth, but the number could be steep given the designer names found around Atkin’s closet. A still photo from the footage of one of the burglars grabbing a handbag has the added caption “Not the Gucci u dick”.

Photo: Instagram

Burglaries in Los Angeles are unfortunately not a rare phenomenon, even daring daylight raids as the Atkin burglary seems to have been. Just this month, singer Mariah Carey’s Los Angeles home was broken into. Thieves made off with an estimated $50,000 worth of handbags and sunglasses.

In this digital era, thieves are becoming more tech savvy, using social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to mark and monitor potential targets. Last year a man combed through GPS data to figure out when his victims were less likely to be home. Of course, the Hollywood elite flaunting their wealth on social media very well could be making themselves into bigger targets. Yet, with the increasing number of notables being robbed of their luxury items, perhaps some of these things will change. 

Yahoo Lifestyle reached out to Atkin’s reps, but she declined to comment.

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