Hairy Bikers' Dave Myers warns against the 'keto diet' fad: 'It's a massive stress on your kidneys and liver'

Simon ‘Si’ King and David Myers (Right), The Hairy Bikers, arrive at the TV Choice Awards 2012 at the Dorchester hotel in London. (Ian West/PA Archive/PA Images)
Simon ‘Si’ King and David Myers (Right), The Hairy Bikers, arrive at the TV Choice Awards 2012 at the Dorchester hotel in London. (Ian West/PA Archive/PA Images)

Si King and Dave Myers – TV’s cooking duo The Hairy Bikers – say that healthy eating and exercise is a much safer route to weight loss than fad diets. They recently lost 7 stone between them, as part of a health kick.

Speaking to Yahoo about their new UK tour, Myers said he’s particularly cautious about the diet of the moment – the ketogenic diet.

“Keto diet, you are putting your body into ketosis which is never a good thing,” explained Myers. “It’s a massive stress on your kidneys and liver which is why on that diet you have to drink a lot of water.

“It’s about being knowledgeable and making choices and changing the relationship you have with food you eat.

The Hairy Bikers have become two of the most liked and successful British TV chefs in recent years.

A staple on the BBC since 2004, they’ve just had a new series The Hairy Bikers Ride Route 66 commissioned for BBC Two, and they’re currently on a UK-wide tour. We chatted to the duo about British comfort food, fad diets, Dancing on Ice and what to expect on their stage tour.

“It’s like having an audience with your mates. We have an audience question and answer part at the end,” King told us of the tour.

“People always have questions for us… wherever we go…. so we like to add that part to the tour. The best one ever was where were getting off a long-haul flight.

“And the pilot came out to meet us and went it was nice to have you on board with us lads but where’s your bike? We were like ‘we’ve just flown across the Atlantic where do you think our bikes are?!'” added Myers.

The Hairy Bikers with the Duchess of Cornwall (PA Images)
The Hairy Bikers with the Duchess of Cornwall (PA Images)

But it’s not just foodie shows they’re known for, especially for Myers, who competed on Strictly Come Dancing in 2013.

Would King consider following in his steps? He joked that he wouldn’t want to “upstage” Myers and King said he’s mulled over going on Dancing on Ice, but joked that it probably wasn’t for him.

“I was thinking about going on Dancing on Ice. But honestly it would be like watching Ice Road Truckers! I’d be completely out of control… I’ve got weak ankles, I have enough trouble standing on ground!” King said.

Indeed, the pair take healthy eating very seriously, and have published more than five diet books – one of which is entirely vegetarian themed.

“We got our weight and health assessed a few years back and it wasn’t good news. We had to shed some timber!

“One of the main adjustments has been my belt, I must say! But our cooking has certainly changed a lot. We have a lot more respect about we put in the food,” Myers said.

But they’ve not completely sworn off the odd indulgence – far from it. They admitted they still enjoy classic British staples and think the most underrated British dish is the spotted dick.

“I’d like to see spotted dick make a comeback! Spotted dick! It’s flipping great! It’s lovely with old traditional custard, it’s spiced and it’s just brilliant!” King said.

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