Halle Berry in Exclusive 'Kidnap' Sneak Peek: A Tense Meeting With Her Child's Abductors

Halle Berry will try to one-up Liam Neeson when she plays a mom whose child is snatched by criminals and she’s forced to take matters into her own hands in this Friday’s Kidnap, a high-octane thriller from director Luis Prieto (Pusher). While the Oscar-winning actress is no stranger to action — having co-starred in numerous X-Men installments, as well as other high-profile genre movies like Swordfish, Catwoman, and this fall’s Kingsman: The Golden Circle — her latest gives her a starring vehicle to burnish her tough-woman credentials. Although in Yahoo Movies‘ exclusive clip from the forthcoming film (watch it above), she’s compelled to act in a way that has nothing to do with brawn.

In the scene above, Berry takes refuge in her SUV while a strange woman approaches the window. We figure out she’s one of the two criminals responsible for taking Berry’s kid, and she has an offer to make — let her in the car so they can go pick up $10,000 together, or her male accomplice will kill the child. It’s a tense moment in which Berry must choose whether or not to trust this shady figure, who hardly seems like a very reliable sort (even aside from the fact that she’s, you know, a kidnapper). It ends with Berry’s distraught mother on edge about how to proceed.

Kidnap is a B-movie energized by frequent action sequences, cast in the Taken mold. It arrives in theaters this Friday, August 4.

Halle Berry Hopes ‘Kidnap’ Is Her ‘Taken’:

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