Halloween horror sequel Trick 'R Treat 2 may be coming soon

Ben Bussey
UK Movies Writer
Brett Kelly as Charlie Corrigan and Dylan Baker as Steven Wilkins in 2007 Halloween horror ‘Trick ‘R Treat’ (credit: Warner Bros.)

Ten years on from the original, the sequel to ‘Trick ‘R Treat’ may be finally on its way.

Michael Dougherty, writer-director of the 2007 anthology horror set on the year’s spookiest holiday, is currently hard at work on monster blockbuster sequel ‘Godzilla: King of the Monsters’ – but he hopes to soon return to the long-promised ‘Trick ‘R Treat’ follow-up.

Speaking in podcast Post Mortem with Mick Garris (via Bloody Disgusting), Dougherty says, “My hope is that once Godzilla has been put to rest that I can dive back into [Trick ‘r Treat 2].

“I would love to finish writing it in post-production [of Godzilla] and then I’d love to make it my next project. But we’ll see.”

Writer-director Michael Dougherty (centre) with Lauren Lee Smith, Rochelle Aytes, Anna Paquin and Moneca Delain on the set of ‘Trick ‘R Treat’ (credit: Warner Bros)

Produced by Bryan Singer, with a cast including Anna Paquin, Dylan Baker and Brian Cox, ‘Trick ‘R Treat’ was completed in 2007 and originally poised to hit cinemas that Halloween.

However, it was removed from studio Warner Bros’ 2007 schedule for reasons which remain unclear a decade later (although plenty of speculation has been made on the subject). After having its release date rearranged more than once, it was ultimately released direct to DVD in 2009.

Despite this, ‘Trick ‘R Treat’ was warmly embraced by horror fans, enchanted by its affectionate treatment of various classic horror staples, encompassing a ghost story, a serial killer, werewolves, and a malevolent spirit of Halloween named Sam.

For many, it became perennial Halloween viewing immediately.

‘Trick ‘R Treat’s spirit of Halloween, Sam (credit: Warner Bros)

Michael Dougherty has since revisited similar territory with Christmas-set horror comedy ‘Krampus,’ and hopes had been high that ‘Trick ‘R Treat 2’ would follow, before he landed the director’s chair on the upcoming ‘Godzilla’ sequel.

However, as the director’s remarks reflect, ‘Trick ‘R Treat 2’ does not have an official green light at present.

In the meantime, Dougherty’s ‘Godzilla: King of the Monsters’ hits cinemas on 22 March 2019.

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