'Halloween' star Jamie Lee Curtis admits she doesn't like watching horror movies

Jamie Lee Curtis is known for the Halloween movies. (PA)
Jamie Lee Curtis is known for the Halloween movies. (PA)

Halloween star Jamie Lee Curtis has admitted that she doesn't actually like horror films.

The actor has made her name in the terrifying Halloween franchise, which sees her playing a woman called Laurie Strode who is stalked by creepy masked killer Michael Myers.

But she has now revealed that she isn't a fan of the genre herself.

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Curtis - who has reprised the role of Laure for new sequel Halloween Ends - said on The Graham Norton Show: "I don't like watching them. I don't know why anyone likes watching them, but I'm grateful they do.”

Michael Myers (aka The Shape) and Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode in HALLOWEEN ENDS, directed by David Gordon Green (Universal Pictures)
Jamie Lee Curtis is back in Halloween Ends. (Universal Pictures)

She went on: "They screened it for me in an empty movie theatre and I had the volume control.

"As soon as the scary music started I'd turn down it right down.”

The actor first played Laurie in 1978 in Halloween, which was about mental patient Myers, who had been locked up for killing his sister but escapes and goes on a rampage in his hometown.

She has since returned for several movies, with the latest, Halloween Ends, out now.

EDITORIAL USE ONLY Graham Norton and Jamie Lee Curtis during the filming for the Graham Norton Show at BBC Studioworks 6 Television Centre, Wood Lane, London, to be aired on BBC One on Friday evening. Picture date: Thursday September 29, 2022.
Jamie Lee Curtis opened up on Graham Norton's show. (PA)

The movie has been touted as the conclusion of the slasher saga, although it is not known if that will definitely be the case.

Curtis said on Norton's show: "It is emotional saying goodbye to Laurie Strode.

David Gordon Green's 2018 reboot of the <em>Halloween</em> franchise was a monster success, spawning this first segment of a two-part swansong for the character, culminating with <em>Halloween Ends</em> in 2021. Jamie Lee Curtis reprises the role of Laurie Strode again. (Credit: Universal)
The Halloween films follow killer Michael Myers. (Universal)

"I've been playing her for 44 years. That's two thirds of my life so it's very weird."

"The first movie changed my life 100 percent and every dot of goodness in my life came from Halloween," said the star.

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The Graham Norton Show is on BBC One tonight (30 September) at 10.40pm and is also available on BBC iPlayer.

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