Halloween Series To Be 'Recalibrated,' & More Horror News

Ben Bussey
UK Movies Writer

Forget remakes or reboots: legendary slasher series ‘Halloween’ is at last returning to screens, and this time we’re told it’s a ‘recalibration.’

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that producers Malek Akkad and Matt Stein have hired Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunston - screenwriters behind ‘Saw’ parts 4-7, cult horror movies ‘Feast’ and ‘The Collector’ and their respective sequels, and ‘Piranha 3DD’ - to pen the latest outing of iconic masked maniac Michael Myers.

This would already appear to give ‘Halloween’ an advantage over the recently delayed next installment in rival slasher series ‘Friday the 13th,’ which reportedly still doesn’t have any writers officially attached - although it does have a director in David Bruckner, something the next ‘Halloween’ currently lacks.

It has subsequently been confirmed by Bloody Disgusting that this latest take will neither follow on from the two ‘Halloween’ reboot films made by Rob Zombie in the 2000s, nor will it be another remake of John Carpenter’s 1978 original. Also, it will not be a 3D movie, as had briefly been the plan when ‘My Bloody Valentine’ and ‘Drive Angry’ writer-director team Todd Farmer and Patrick Lussier were on board.

As for quite the producers mean by calling it a ‘recalibration’ - I would assume this simply a different way of calling it a soft reboot, taking a fresh angle without resetting the clock. (Yes, it does sound a bit “you say tomato”…)

More Horror News

- It has come to light that the US remake of French horror ‘Martyrs,’ recently sold at the European Film Market as "the ultimate horror movie," has in fact already been shot and is currently in post-production. Bailey Noble and Troian Bellisario take over from Morjana Alaoui and Mylene Jampanoi in the lead roles, under the direction of the Goetz Brothers.

- Nor was ‘Martyrs’ the only upcoming horror to get a look in at the EFM, as the above promo art was also seen for ‘Texas Chain Saw Massacre’ prequel ‘Leatherface,’ hinting that the film will go all the way back to the big scary guy’s childhood days. It has also been reported that Ethan Hawke and Marisa Tomei have been approached to play the future Leatherface’s parents.

Happily, not all the recent horror movie news has been remakes, reboots and/or recalibrations, as you can see from our summary of the past week’s stories:

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Of course, there was one other big remake story this week: the first trailer for the new take on ‘Poltergeist,’ which you can see below.

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