The Handmaid’s Tale: How season 2 will get even bleaker

The Handmaid’s Tale season 1 was one of the most gripping, disturbing, and yet strangely beautiful shows on television last year. It’s truly harrowing stuff, and with The Handmaid’s Tale season 2 starting on Channel 4 on Sunday, things are likely to get a lot more bleak over the coming weeks. Here’s how the show is set to get even darker:

Serena could become Offred’s worst nightmare

Serena found out in the final episode of season 1 that June/Offred and the Commander had been engaging in a few extra-curricular activities. Having slammed the handmaid’s face in to a wall, Serena might still be after yet more blood. Serena is a woman who is feeling everything slip away from her. Offred’s only hope is that the baby growing inside her can keep her safe from Serena’s wrath. Jealousy and revenge are powerful forces though and Serena might not be able to control herself.

Who is the father?

This brings us to the big question of The Handmaid’s Tale season 2. Who is the father of this poor child? Is it Nick, or is it the Commander? Either way, this could be disastrous for Offred. If it is the Commander’s child, then both Serena and the Commander will be even more keen to Offred as their house pet. If they somehow find out it is Nick’s, all hell could break loose. But, on the hopeful side, this could unleash the decency in Nick and he could ensure that the child is born in freedom with its mother. For some reason, I smell tragedy in the air though.

Can June/Offred ever get her daughter back?

We witnessed Offred’s brief moment of joy turn to utter despair when Serena took her to see her daughter Hannah in the season 1 finale. The harrowing moment demonstrated just how cruel Serena can be. It also showed just how powerless Offred is. Season 2 could explore the life of Hannah and how she is being groomed for her future role in Gilead’s terrible society. She is the carrot that has now been dangled in the defiant Offred’s face. Can Offred remain disobedient when her daughter’s life is at stake?

Where is the black van taking Offred?

The season 1 cliff-hanger left Offred in the hands of men in a shady black van. We have no idea where she is being taken. She has defied the powers that be by not stoning Janine. She has stirred something in the other handmaids who also refused to punish poor Janine. There have to be consequences in the world of Gilead. Though Nick seemed to suggest that everything was going to be OK, can we trust him? Offred is in a very precarious position as always and the likelihood is, things are going to get very bleak, very fast, in season 2.

The colonies

Finally, we also know we’re going to see the colonies this season. This is where The Handmaid’s Tale season 2 is bound to get to its darkest point. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Alexis Bledel who plays former handmaid Emily stated: “Everything from the soil the unwomen turn over to the water they use to wash is toxic in the Colonies, so a person’s health begins to rapidly deteriorate as soon as they get there. They know they will die there, all the while forced to do hard labor without decent food to eat or clean living conditions.”

So, just in case you thought the show couldn’t get any bleaker, think again.

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