Handshake provokes fight between Canadian and American tennis pros

Thomas Williams
Hockey writer
Things got pretty testy after a match between Katherine Sebov and Alycia Parks.

After a thrown racket and an aggressive post-match handshake, two young professional tennis players sparked a fight off the court at the Henderson Tennis Open in Las Vegas.

Canadian Katherine Sebov, 20, secured the 6-0, 7-6 victory over 18-year-old American, Alycia Parks. The win caused a celebratory outburst and Parks (wearing pink shorts in the video below) was unpleased and reacted by tossing her racket to the ground.

The two then met at the net for the traditional sign of sportsmanship, but the handshake was a little too aggressive for Parks’ liking. She then approached the chair umpire in protest for the combative way Sebov shook her hand.

After the ref didn’t do anything about it, Parks physically confronted Sebov, causing Parks’ coach to jump the fence and take to the court.

Parks later took to Twitter to explain herself.

Parks clearly has a bone to pick with Sebov over that handshake. The young American also accuses Sebov of pushing her twice during their post-match confrontation.

After defeating Parks, Sebov went on to clinch a 6-3, 6-2 victory over Olga Gorvortsova but was defeated 6-3, 6-0 by Ukrainian Anhelina Kalinina in the semi-final on Saturday afternoon.

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