This handy couple gave Wanda, their 1997 RV, a full makeover

It’s never too late to go on a grand adventure! That’s why Larie and Jason (@roamandconquer_) decided to move into an RV full time after their kids flew the coop. The adventurous couple converted a 1997 RV into a cozy home full of unique knick-knacks and stylish custom details. On this episode of Dream Big, Live Small, Larie and Jason give a tour of their RV, which they have dubbed “Wanda,” and show how they transformed it into a home!

Before moving into Wanda, Jason and Larie lived in upstate New York. Once their kids left the nest, the couple began to develop wanderlust. “We just realized that our house was way too big,” Larie tells In The Know.

The couple decided to trade their home for a life on the road. There was just one snag: Larie couldn’t stand the interior design of most traditional RVs. “A big thing for me is I love to feel like my home is a hug, so we were looking at RVs online and they were just man caves,” she recalls. “They were brown leather and dark colors and I was like, ‘If I’m gonna live in this, it can’t happen.’”

Fortunately, Jason is a master carpenter, and was able to convert their 1997 Tiffin Allegro RV into a bright, cozy home! “I can basically give him anything and he can create it for me,” Larie explains, showing off some of the features Jason designed, including a custom dashboard adorned with potted plants.

Larie and Jason give a tour of the RV’s most unique features, from the full-sized stove to the lights on the kitchen faucets. “I’m all about light so all of our faucets have these incredible LED lights that actually change colors to let you know when it’s hot, when it’s cold, or when it’s temperate,” Larie explains.

One of Jason’s favorite features of the RV is the pantry. Pulling out long pantry drawers packed with a wide variety of dried herbs, Jason explains, “It was very simple before, just shelves. I put the shelves back in but they’re more solid now. We have these great drawers that pull all the way out and get access to everything that’s in there.”

Larie’s favorite feature of the RV, meanwhile, is the surprisingly spacious bathroom. “I love bathrooms, I love to get ready, I love that feeling, and one of the most scary things about getting an RV was the bathrooms,” she explains. “Jason made me a little oasis. You can see it’s very open. He created this great open shower for me. Super eclectic.”

The last stop on Larie and Jason’s tour of the RV is the bedroom, which features patterned wallpaper and a large bed. “The wallpaper is my favorite. It’s [by] Emma [J] Shipley. She is out of London,” Larie shares. “Our bed is extremely high. It’s so comfortable.”

With the tour of the RV complete, Jason shares a few final words for anyone considering a life on the road. “It’s an amazing life,” he says. “We recommend it to everybody!”

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