Happy ending for Blue Jays fan who face-plants, saves beer chasing down foul ball

It was only the second inning when Toronto Blue Jays right fielder Randal Grichuk hit this foul ball into the stands down the first-base line at the Rogers Centre on Saturday.

But we’re guessing it was not this fan’s first beer.

The tale of this Toronto fan’s seemingly futile chase for Grichuk’s foul ball has a lot of ups and downs packed into 30 seconds.

First there’s his initial failure to catch the ball with one bare hand that sends the ball careening several rows below. It was a valiant effort to save the beer he was holding in his left hand. But once you don’t make the great play, the sober decision is to let that ball go, man. You had your chance.

Was a baseball worth the risk of injury, shame and beer spillage for this dedicated Blue Jays fan? (MLB)

But no. At the risk of ending up on blooper reels and blogs like this, our hero refused to let that ball get away. Still holding on to his beer that probably cost more than a baseball, he frantically climbed over seats several rows down before face-planting in the stands.

For a moment, there is significant drama on multiple fronts.

1: Did he save the beer?

2: Is he OK?

3: Did he retrieve the ball with the woman in blue closing in fast?

The answers.

1: Yes, he saved the beer! At least most of it.

2: Apparently?

3: No. After all that effort and shaming himself and his loved ones in front of thousands of fans and TV cameras, the woman in blue is our victor.

But there’s one last plot twist. Apparently feeling sympathy or shame for our hero, the woman in blue gives the man the baseball and a hug.

So, congratulations?

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