Harrison Ford reacts badly to Star Wars question

I should’ve known better. While interviewing Hollywood legend and personal hero Harrison Ford for his new film ‘Ender’s Game’, I made the brave - and in hindsight foolish - decision to ask a quick question about the upcoming ‘Star Wars’ sequels.  He did play Han Solo after all.

Deciding that he wouldn’t confirm or deny whether he was actually in the upcoming JJ Abrams sequels, I plumped at the last minute for something innocuous and a bit meta (ugh) about whether he was getting annoyed answering ‘Star Wars’ questions.

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Turns out he was. First Ford pretended to fall asleep, before telling me that he was “here to talk about now”.

The atmosphere now poisoned, I went for broke and concluded the four minute interview with a question about his notoriously grumpy reputation. Again, it didn’t go well - as you can see from the painful video above.

I’m not the first interviewer to get burned by an encounter with Ford. His scary appearance on Letterman way back in 1982 while promoting ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ is famously awkward.

However he has shown occasional flashes of humour on talk shows (such as this brilliant skit on Jimmy Kimmel featuring Chewbacca), which makes me think he’s probably funny and charming in real life.

Like some film stars, perhaps he finds contractually providing pithy soundbites to people he’s never met for hours on end to promote his films bizarre and a bit soul-destroying.

Answering hundreds of questions about a film franchise he’s clearly ambivalent about must also be a pain in neck.

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Anyway, sorry I annoyed you Harrison. Grumpy or not, you’re still one of my heroes.

‘Ender’s Game’ is released in the UK on 25 October. Watch the trailer below.

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