Harrison Ford turns traffic cop, bellows at motorists in New York

Harrison Ford was once set to be a carpenter. But here’s another missed vocation – traffic cop.

The ‘Indiana Jones’ legend was spied sorting out a snarl up at the Queens-Midtown Tunnel in New York, which had brought traffic to a standstill.

Clearly having lost his rag at sitting in a log-jam, he took matters into his own hands and started getting motorists to reverse out of the tunnel approach and clear the way.

“C’mon let’s go!” he shouts, dressed in a suit, “Get out!”

The car behind then moves, and Harrison gets back into his own motor and is driven off.

Amusing as it is to see Ford waving his arms about in the street, the video, taken by a passer-by, will do little to dispel the 75-year-old actor’s grumpy image.

Ford is set to star in the the fifth ‘Indiana Jones’ movie, so far untitled but due for release on July 10, 2020, by which point the bullwhip brandishing hero will be days away from his 78th birthday.

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