Hastings shopping centre evacuated as floods hit for the second time this year

Floods have hit Priory Meadow shopping centre for the second time this year. (Photo: contrib)
Floods have hit Priory Meadow shopping centre for the second time this year. (Photo: contrib)

Several appliances have been called to the scene, and a spokesperson said they are monitoring the weather, and plan to continue to deploy resources as necessary. Prior to the evacuation, Hastings Borough Council urged residents with cars parked in the town centre to move them, both to help the fire service and for their own sake.

A spokesperson for East Sussex Fire and Rescue said:

“We are continuously monitoring the weather and will continue to mobilise resources as necessary.

“Public safety is a key priority and we would ask members of the public to only contact us in relation to flooding where there is a risk to life.”

This is the second time so far this year the shopping centre has been flooded, with a similar incident leading to the centre’s temporary closure back in January.

A spokesperson for Hastings Borough Council made clear that several homes have also been evacuated and urged residents to stay safe during the floods.

Members of the public are urged to steer clear of the flood water, both on foot and in a vehicle, to avoid areas that are flooded, which includes the centre of Hastings, and to now that some roads may be closed

More heavy rain has been forecast for later this afternoon and this evening, so members of the public have been warned that outdoor activities will be even riskier than usual tonight.

Finally, the council is remining residents to only call 999 in a genuine emergency, not to report other flooding incidents, and to steer clear of A and E unless their illness or injury is truly life-threatening.