Hatred for Tom and Jerry's weird new Willy Wonka movie is going viral

Why?... fans are aghast at new Tom and Jerry movie - Credit: Warner Bros
Why?… fans are aghast at new Tom and Jerry movie – Credit: Warner Bros

Why Tom and Jerry feel the need to meet Willy Wonka in the forthcoming feature animation ‘Tom and Jerry: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory’ is unknown.

What is known, however, is that the reactions to it are ranging from baffled confusion to blind hatred.

A trailer emerged on YouTube for the bizarre mash-up earlier this week, and it’s not gone down well at all.

Appearing to be a weirdly faithful remake of Mel Stuart’s much-loved 1971 classic, it finds the cartoon cat and mouse clumsily shoe-horned into the Roald Dahl story.

Witness it in all its ignominy here…

Movie sites have even published lengthy, astonished editorials – Jezebel has called it ‘an abomination’, while Birth. Movies. Death. dubs it simply ‘grotesque’.

“Did no one look at the animation and wonder why every character seems to be staring, dead-eyed and slack-jawed? Was this film made under duress? Is it the centerpiece of an elaborate money-laundering scheme? Who did this, and why?” writes Scott Wampler.

“I have looked directly into the void of Tom And Jerry: Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory and I have no answers, only questions and the sneaking suspicion that the entire universe – perhaps even reality itself – is mocking us for being alive.”

Screencrush has called the trailer ‘mind-blowingly awful’, going on to say ‘I have watched this trailer at least five times now and I am both morbidly fascinated and beyond baffled’.

(Credit: Warner Bros)
(Credit: Warner Bros)

And in case you’re of a mind to disregard the opinions of ‘snooty critic types’, the general public aren’t too happy about it either.

The trailer’s YouTube page finds viewers unanimously horrified.

Asked one user: “Do you think god stays in heaven because he too lives in fear of what he has created?”

Mocked another ‘I can’t wait for Tom and Jerry: Reservoir Dogs’, while Hewy Toonmore added: “Dude, Gene Wilder just died a few months ago, are you really so desperate for money that you are willing to cash in on his death? Shame on you, Warner Bros.! Shame on you!”

Shame indeed. Shame indeed…

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