Heartbroken woman in China stages 'funeral' for her 3-year relationship


A young woman has made headlines in China for staging her own “funeral” ceremony to cope with a recent breakup.

A symbolic farewell: Identified in reports as Wang, the 25-year-old woman from the southwestern province of Sichuan decided to conduct funeral rites on Oct. 28 at a florist shop in Chengdu to say goodbye to her past love, according to local platform Sohu.

The breakup, which marked the end of a three-year relationship in April, was due to her boyfriend's parents' opposition to their planned marriage. Constantly hounded by friends about her wedding plans, Wang found a creative way to put an end to the inquiries by inviting her friends to a unique gathering.

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Some slight changes: Wang's "funeral" ceremony challenges traditional notions of funerals, which are typically somber occasions for mourning the deceased. She transformed the concept into a symbolic ritual for letting go of past emotions. This allowed Wang and her friends to release pent-up emotions and reflect on the significance of embracing the unknown.

“Funeral” with a twist: The ceremony saw Wang lying on her symbolic “deathbed,” surrounded by candles. The woman’s friends followed traditional funeral customs of bowing and presenting her with white flowers one by one. After the solemn farewell, Wang figuratively "came back to life" and engaged in a meaningful conversation with her friends about life, death, and moving forward.

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Embracing new beginnings: According to Wang, her symbolic funeral was her way of not just coping with the heartbreak, but also starting a new chapter in her life. It embodied her desire to find a way to heal while also moving past the constant questioning about her future wedding plans.

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