'Heavy Kickers' train for new German soccer league

STORY: This soccer team is training for its next round of

matches in Germany's Overweight Football League

Location: Bork, Germany

A game is played with seven field players and a goalkeeper

A single match consists of two halves of 35 minutes each

(Mike Kraus, Heavy Kickers founder and manager)

"Everyone should play. That's also important, that we don't say we have slower, worse footballers and they stay on the bench like in others (teams) and are then allowed in when one team is leading six to zero. Everyone plays, that's also important."

While there are regulations regarding players' weight,

the league focuses on having fun and creating community

"So nothing negative at all, on the contrary, many people think it's really great that we have set up something like this." // "And it's all about movement. That is the goal. It's better than sitting at home with a bag of chips, I'd rather be on the pitch - with people I have fun with, with whom I also make friends and do sport.”