Heidi Klum Wears swimsuit and VS Angel Wings to Discuss Aging: ‘This Is 50’

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Heidi Klum Poses in swimsuit and VS Angel WingsMark Von Holden/NBC - Getty Images
  • Heidi Klum broke out her wings almost 15 years after retiring as a Victoria’s Secret angel.

  • She modeled a grand pair of wings while wearing a white swimsuit in a new shoot for Glamour Germany.

  • “This is 50,” she wrote on Instagram.

A whole 14 years after retiring her Victoria’s Secret Angel status, Heidi Klum is slipping back into her wings. The supermodel tried on her grand, feathery set for a new shoot with Glamour Germany—which she wore with a white string bikini—and felt amazing about the reunion. “Wow my wings still fit,” she captioned an Instagram. In another, she gave the creative direction a shoutout: “Thanks for making me feel great,” she wrote. “This is is 50.”

Klum may have put her wings to rest, but she has never stopped dressing for the runway. At this point, she’s used to ruffling feathers (pun intended) with her out-there Halloween costumes, topless Instagrams, and leg-flashing poses. As far as she’s concerned, age shouldn’t keep her from wearing (0r not wearing) whatever she wants.

“People also joke that I still dress hot at 50. This is neither nice nor pleasant,” she told Glamour. “I just love colorful, loud things. Maybe that will change at some point, but that remains my decision.”

She noted that people also have things to say about the 16-year age gap between her and her husband, Tom Kaulitz. “Time will not stand still for me, and Tom will never catch up with me. I will always be 16 years older and I know that,” she said. “I know I’ll look older faster than him. Maybe in 10 years it will be a problem for me, maybe he won’t like it then.”

Regardless, she doesn’t think critics’ comments are out of genuine concern, but rather, out of spite. “Maybe people think that I have already been too lucky in life,” she continued. “I have a great job, I get to travel around the world and buy expensive things. Now I’ve caught myself such a great man. Maybe people begrudge me that.”

If there’s one thing Klum is for certain, it’s unapologetically herself. And, like it or not, it’s admirable.

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