Heinz Creates 'Mayochup', A Ketchup-Mayo Hybrid, And It's Divided The Internet

Natasha Hinde

Remember when Heinz tried to rename Salad Cream as Sandwich Cream? Well this week it has attempted to up the sauce stakes even higher by launching a new condiment called ‘Mayochup’ in the US.

The sauce is exactly what it says on the tin – a fusion of ketchup and mayonnaise (and a few spices) in a squeezy tube. It has gone on sale in some cities across America and Heinz has hinted that the UK could well be next.

But we have questions. Like, do we even need Mayochup? Can those with a passion for merging their sauces not continue to do so of their own accord? And the slam dunk: isn’t Mayochup just a basic version of Marie Rose sauce?

Twitter users have a few queries too...