Helena Bonham Carter discusses her difficulties working with Tim Burton

Helena Bonham Carter has said that she “really didn’t get on” with former partner Tim Burton while they were working on the film Sweeney Todd.

She told the Grounded With Louis Theroux podcast that the pair “came a cropper” while making the 2008 film “because we were both so out of our depths”.

“I’d never sung before, he had never done a musical and it’s that classic thing that you take your stress out on the person who you know best and we really didn’t get on during that one,” the actress said.

“Amazingly I got pregnant but let’s not get into that.”

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Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter (David Jensen/PA)

She added that her ex-partner, who directed Sweeney Todd, is a “hilarious man and we had a lot of laughs but there were times when working together was not harmonious”.

“We weren’t very argumentative as a couple except on Sweeney,” Bonham Carter said.

The Crown actress and the US film director announced the end of their relationship in 2014 after more than a decade together.

Bonham Carter added that “on Planet Of The Apes when we weren’t together, he was fantastically respectful and he is a delight to work with”.

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