Helena Bonham Carter suffers cringeworthy moment at the BAFTAs 2018

Hanna Flint

Helena Bonham Carter wasn’t up for any awards at the BAFTAs this year but she sure made a lasting impression.

The actress was sat next to Call Me By Your Name screenwriter James Ivory during the ceremony, held at the Royal Albert Hall, and when he won the Adapted Screenplay award her attempt at a congratulatory kiss ended in awkwardness.

Captured on camera, the actress went to give the veteran writer a kiss on the cheek but he’d already started to stand up leaving her to plant one on his arm instead.

To be fair to Helena, it wasn’t like James was purposefully trying to leave her in the cold as they did arrive at the event together and, if you look closely, he does give her an air kiss as he stands up.

However, viewers were quick to comment on the awkward interaction on Twitter.

It wasn’t the only awkward moment of the night; Salma Hayek seemed genuinely annoyed to be presenting the Leading Actor award and said Frances McDormand’s name as the winner before revealing the actual winner.

Jennifer Lawrence also irked a few viewers who felt she was rude to host Joanna Lumley for criticising her hyperbolic introduction.

There was also another awkward kiss between Sam Rockwell and Lupita Nyong’o when the actor went in for a second cheek kiss but the actress had already pulled away.

Sam Rockwell


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