Here’s How That Awesome Rocket Raccoon Halloween Costume Was Made

After seeing the jaw-dropping Rocket Raccoon Halloween costume that went viral last week, we’ve now discovered who was behind the marvel and how long it took to make.

Here’s the amazing finished costume, if you’ve not seen it already.

Since June, the mother of the six-year-old (then 5) boy who donned the costume, Christina Borchardt, had been hard at work and made the whole thing from scratch. 

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The skilled process required a face mould of her boy’s head to make sure the Rocket mask was the right size.

A set of teeth were sculpted during the wait for the fur (faux, obviously) to be delivered.

Then came the addition of eyes, of course.

And when the fur arrived, it was all systems go.

But all the fun wasn’t just for her youngest. As she told a commenter, she went out as Gamora, her hubby as Drax, eldest son as Groot, 13-year-old as Yondu, 11-year-old as Starlord, and daughter as Nebula!

Christina also had to make an accurate replica of Rocket’s weapon, which must’ve taken a while, but again, looks incredible.

Christina explains how she achieved the while thing, so anyone wanting to have a go themselves can follow her instructions (the links at the bottom). Obviously you’ll need a lot of time and, ultimately, talent to produce such an incredible replica.

It was so good, in fact, that aside from it going viral and arguably being one of the best home-made costumes of 2015, ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ director James Gunn recognised and praised the effort.

We’re not sure we’ve seen a better movie-related costume that wasn’t professionally made the for movie itself, especially one so authentic looking. 

You can recap on the painstaking process in all its glorious detail over at Replica Props Forum.

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Picture credits: Marvel, Instagram, Replica Props Forum