Here's What It Means If Your Teeth Fall Out In Your Dreams

I’m sure plenty of us know the feeling of waking up from a dream and feeling completely confused. Did I actually meet up with my ex last night or was I dreaming? Why am I dreaming about him in the first place, does this mean I want to get back with him?

Dreams, more often than not, do have meanings. This is why sleep blog Como Un Tronco, has analysed the most searched questions about the
meaning of dreams on Google in Britain.

When I’m extremely stressed, I usually dream about my teeth falling out and it looks like I’m not the only one as that’s the most searched dream on Google with 8,600 searches per month.

Recently broken up with someone? They might appear in your dreams regularly as 1,200 people Google search the meaning of an ex-dream every month.

Want to find out the meaning of your dreams? Read on.

Dreaming your teeth fall out

This is not a fun dream to have. When I have this dream, I make sure to check that all my teeth are still intact when I wake up.

Sleep expert Maya García points out its direct relationship with aesthetic insecurity. Although there may be different explanations, this dream affects the smile, which is “one of the main elements of a person’s external appearance,” García says. Therefore, damage to the teeth is one of the most damaging pathologies, both aesthetically and functionally.”

Along the same lines, according to psychological interpretations, Ian Wallace, the psychologist and creator of the Dream Connection Process, assures us that “when we dream that our teeth fall out, the dream recreates a real-life situation in which we feel a loss of confidence in defending our position.”

Dreaming about someone

García thinks this dream often reflects the dreamer’s desire for a closer relationship with the person or unresolved feelings towards them.

The dream may have a different meaning depending on whether it is a positive one or a negative one.

Dreaming about being pregnant

With 1,000 monthly searches, dreaming of being pregnant stands out. “Beyond it being a symbol of the desire to be a mother, a pregnancy in the dream world is directly related to the birth of an idea or a new project,” García says.

“Dreams are powerful tools that allow us to process our fears, desires, worries and life dilemmas,” Wallace explains in his book Deciphering Your Dreams.

Dreaming about snakes

Snakes accounted for 800 monthly searches among Brits.

According to psychologist Lauri Quinn Loewenberg, dreaming about them indicates the presence of a person who is in our lives and who has a toxic or harmful behaviour, although she clarifies that “it can also refer to something related to health or healing”.

Sweet (?) dreams!